Saint-Laurent-de-Gosse is a country village with just over 500 inhabitants. It is located on the banks of the Adour by the bridge to Urt. This metal structure designed in 1886 by Gustave Eiffel connects the Landes and the Basque Country across the River Adour. When crossing the 18th century Castle of Roll-Montpellier can be seen on the northern bank. It shows the importance of river transport which prevailed until the advent of the motor car at the beginning of the 20th century.

The centre is located in the upper part of the village: The 15th century church and adjacent town-hall are opposite the mur à gauche (indoor Basque pelota court) and the bakery.

Saint-Laurent-de-Gosse cannot be mentioned without referring to gastronomy. 2 family farms (Luheyte and Coutillon) welcome visitors enabling them to discover how traditional foie gras is made. From rearing to feeding and preservation, preparing the duck requires both know-how and passion. The guided tour finishes with a tasting. This friendly atmosphere characterises the village fair (early August) during which around a thousand guests flock to each year to take part in the Sunday lunch and festivities.

The village of Saint-Laurent-de-Gosse is also famous for its paintball. Whilst some competitors come from far afield, amateurs come regularly to play in groups on a specially created field on the hillside. Paintball is a physical, tactical, collective and natural sport: bunkers are made from wood (not plastic or tyres) and markers use biodegradable pellets containing paint.